Integrated Storytelling

We tell stories to induce children’s interest in learning. We also supplement the stories with diverse education activities that integrate knowledge of a particular subject. Such activities enable children to acquire knowledge and skills in different areas as well as to develop positive attitudes.

High Scope Approach

We adopt the “High Degree of Breadth” model that enables children to experience a whole process of “Plan”, “Do”, and “Review” when engaging in group activities, so that they can develop self-learning ability.

Group Learning

Group learning offers children ample opportunities to interact with their peers. Teachers are also able to identify interests and learning needs of each child by observing their physical movement and experience in group learning. The process promotes mutual learning between teachers and students.

Group Discussion

Under an “eagle-framed” learning strategy, we encourage children to express themselves through active listening, group discussion, knowledge integration, and presentation. Such activities motivate children to learn on their own and stimulate their thinking as well as to elevate their confidence and problem-solving capability.

Project Approach

Design activities emerge from a core belief of learning through exploratory activities.

The subject of each activity corresponds to the child’s experience and interest. Children may discover a range of problems to be solved throughout the activities. They will start to look for the answers by collecting data and taking part in activities of various kinds. Not only are the children able to develop their exploratory spirit and exercise their problem-solving skills but their knowledge in the subject can also be enriched.

Free Play

Children love games of all kinds. Within the free play session each day, children are free to choose what games they want to have and what roles they want to play. They are also free to decide the forms and rules of their games. Playing together with their peers and enjoying the free time for games does not only promote children’s wellbeing and social skills  but also gives them space to express their creativity and problem-solving abilities.

Religious Education

By our Christian faith in “train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it,” we dedicate ourselves to the spiritual growth of children. On occasions of morning assembly, the Bible class, children service, and religious day, we teach children to sing hymns, pray, recite verses, and the morals of biblical stories in order to nurture their character of “loving God and one another” as well as “loving others as much as oneself” from a young age.


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