Vision and mission

Vision: Build a gospel-centred campus with emphasises on loving God and others

  1. Nurture our next generation with Christian values so that they can contribute to the society.
  2. Develop our students morally, intellectually, physically, socially, aesthetically and spiritually with strong family-school bonding and abundant resources.

Our goals

  • Nurture students with correct and positive values rooted in the love of Christ and Biblical truth.
  • Cultivate a spirit of gratitude in our students, and guide them to grow up as a righteous, loving and helpful person.
  • Cultivate students’ capacity to think independently. We encourage students to explore new things and learn proactively. It is also important that they have a healthy body and social life, so that they can get along with others in harmony. Students are also encouraged to utilise their potentials, have good self-esteem, appreciate others and be responsible.
  • Working with students’ parents and families, we nurture our students to grow happily and healthily.